How to choose the right children's shoe size

Kids feet grow fast. When buying a new pair of shoes it's wise to make measurements. Especially if you're buying a new brand as not all brands unify their shoe sizes.

We recommend to measure in the evening as foot might get a bit swollen after whole day playing and running.

And do not panic. It's very fast and easy.

1. Stick the list of blank paper to the floor with masking tape (it does't leave a greasy marks and hold the paper tight enough).

2. Place your kid foot to the paper and gently press it down. Draw the line precisely repeating his toes shape and the other line around the hill. Repeat for the other foot.

3. Measure the distance between 2 longest points - from the longest toe to hill. Measure again the other footprint.

4. The longest distance will be your guidance. Pick the size from the chart below.

Important note: Small kids' shoes should have 1-1.5 cm extra space in front of child toes. DON’T add this distance to your measurements but mind that when you try on the shoes in the shop.