What are good shoes?

First baby shoes should not be too soft opposite to common believe. Your little explorer is making his first steps, he needs a steady ground and good support. Choose shoes that hold baby's foot snugly, have steady base to give him the right stability yet still comfortable.

Orthopedists recommend to buy first shoes not when your child made an attempt for his first steps but way before that - when your child learned to stand with support but on his own, for example he can pull himself up and stand in his crib all by himself. At this stage you should let him wear proper shoes for a short while every day, it will help him to accept the shoes later on when he starts walking and save you some nerves as some children refuse to wear shoes but already eager to walk.

Pick the size right. Do not buy shoes that are too tight. No one likes tight shoes and they may cause a permanent injury, kids toe joints are soft and fragile. Do not buy oversized shoes either. Loose shoes do not provide the required support and stability of the hill and arch, in fact they may cause an injury as well. The right shoes should fit nicely snug and have an extra space of 1-1.5 cm in front of the kid toes. See our Size Guide for more details.

For young children choose the shoes with semi-hard heel. It's important to keep the toddler's heel sturdy, it should not move right or left easily. Semi-hard heel help to keep the foot in the right position and provides necessary support for early walkers.

Flip-flops, rubber, foam water resistant shoes are a big no-no for small children. Leave them for the beach and swimming pool as they are made for. They don't secure the foot properly and are not recommended for every day use.

Give your preference to the shoes made of natural materials like leather, suede. Rubber, silicon, leatherette and other artificial materials do not let the feet breeze, they trap moist, especially in hot humid climate and easily cause bacteria growth, leading to skin and toe nails fungus diseases.

When choosing shoes for your kids you must look for reputable brand. You may save your dollar on cheap made-in-nowhere shoes only to spend a fortune for later treatment.


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