About Falcotto & Naturino

The first steps your children take are an amazing achievement. And to discover the world around them what they need are trendy, high quality, safe shoes that protect feet while ensuring full freedom of movement.

Falcotto & Naturino belongs to Falc SpA, a leading Italian company in the children's footwear market. Established in 1974 in Civitanova Marche, in the heart of the Marche footwear district, Falc is today a global and modern reality, known all over the world for the excellence, style and innovation of its products.

Falcotto is the line designed by Falc SpA for babies who start to crawl and take their first steps. The Falcotto line includes shoes for children from 9 months to three years, that are perfect for any occasion and are available from sizes 17 to 26. Naturino shoes are available from sizes 26 to 35.

Parents who choose Falcotto & Naturino are confident of buying the best for their children because:

-          Soles and uppers are made with strictly tested soft and flexible materials that protect feet while ensuring just the right ankle support to accompany every movement in natural manner and ensure proper development of the child.

            Each and every model comes from constant research and development and our work with medical experts. That is why Falcotto, like Naturino, has received the seal of approval of the American Paediatricians Association for the careful and meticulous work that has always distinguished the products.

-          These are trendy shoes that allow you to dress you child in a fresh, modern and comfortable manner right from the first months of life.